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Photographer: Zak Noyle

surf & skate photography

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Recycling dumpster full of failed glass designs. Looks glacial.

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With the NBA All-Star game this weekend I designed these logos for your fantasy team. Free download for your team here.

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NbA Fantasy Basketball Update:
Not only did I win first place , Noah (C) won Defensive player of the year and he also happens to be my starting center, Gorgan Dragic my starting PG won Most Improved player of the year and in 2nd place was my starting SG Lance Stephenson. And if that wasnt enough my backup PG was Rookie of the Year MCW .

Id say I did pretty well trading for all my players

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Looking out over Santa Monica Bay, Los Angeles, 1927.

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I’m tired of just surviving, I want to live.

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 Last messages from Survivors and Students trapped inside the ferry

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